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Using Photoshop to Better Showcase an Athletic Female Physique

Photography isn’t all about taking a good shot and having the necessary technical skills to make great photos. Photo editing has also become an important part of the art; everyone retouches their photos today. Don’t be fooled by some famous photographer claiming that his or her photos are not edited, it’s simply not true. They either outsource photo editing services or do it themselves.

Post editing can improve images in great measure, however, those photos first need to be good in order to be properly enhanced in photoshop, never think that you will be able to create great images with just photo editing. In this post, I will give you a couple of tips on how to use photoshop to enhance images of female athletes.

Female athletes are empowering and motivating to many people, and it’s important to show that females can also be top notch athletes. This is a good trend to go along with and do something meaningful while doing what you love, so let’s get started.

Work on exposure

Female Athletes Editing Tips

One of the things you should always look to adjust is the exposure of your photos. It’s important that you highlight what is important in the image, and in this case it’s the female athlete. Show the audience that she is the one who has the power and that she is the center of the image. For this, you can create two layers and adjust the one with your athlete.

If the image is a bit dark, you will have to lighten it. Go to Image, Adjustment, and Curves to get the box up. Once it’s open, adjust the curve to get the level you need. The bottom line represents all the dark tones and shadows, and you can pull the curve down to make them darker.

The upper curve manipulates highlights and you can simply pull it upwards to make the photo brighter. Of course, you can move both of them up or down to adjust the image the way you want.

Use puppet warp

This is a great option that allows you to improve body irregularities of your subject. First, make a duplicate of your background layer. After you’ve done that, click Edit and then Puppet Warp. This tool allows you to make stationary points for all of the areas on your photo that you would like not to move.

For example, if your subject is photographed from the side, doing an exercise, you can make points on the hip and some more on your subject’s feet. When you’ve done that, you are ready to pull down the feet and this is how you will stretch out the legs a bit to create a strong athletic figure.

You can also do this for the arms and stretch them out, if this will show off the athleticism your subject possesses. Additionally, the puppet warp tool can be used to stretch out the neck. Here you will have to make points around the head so that it remains in place and a single point on both shoulders.

Athletic, but still gentle and feminine

Female AthletesAlthough you are going for the athletic look, it’s also important that you show that women athletes are still pretty in a feminine way, but don’t overdo it. The first thing you should do is create a duplicate of the background layer. After you’ve done that click on the filter, blur and then surface blur. Then use the sliders adjust the amount of blur you want. When you’re done press OK.

This tool can create a plastic look on the face of your subject, which is why you should reduce the opacity of the layer to about 50%. This is how you will be able to expose natural skin texture as well. After that, use the tool eraser brush and set it to 0% hardness and 100% opacity, so that you can go over any facial hair of excessive fabric or light you want to remove.

Once you’ve done this, flatten all the layers. If you need even more softness on the face, create another layer, use the lasso tool and circle around the areas you want to make sharp. When you select the areas, right click on them and use the feather selection to round the area. Then use Filter, Blur, Gaussian Blur and choose the level of blur you want.

These are some basic steps you need to take in your photoshop editing and you will be able to make your female athletes look amazing. With these tools you will get solid results, however, there is much more you will learn through experience and by following photoshop tutorials, so good luck.

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