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Images and Social Media: 5 Ways Visual Content Helps You Reach Your Audience

Images And Social Media

Social networks are very fruitful platforms for developing a business and straightening your brand. On the other hand, they are a powerful medium that helps us connect with our friends and family. So, whether you are trying to gain more followers or to spread out the work of your business, you should definitely take advantage of the affordability and might of social platforms.

You can find an overwhelming number of different guides on this subject, while browsing online. While some of them are generic, others are a valuable insight that comes from experienced professionals and they will all insist on the same thing – constant activity. However, there are some pieces of content that are more effective than others, which is why you should know about the power of images.

Address the Visual Learners

I’m sure you’re already familiar with the fact that there are four different types of learners: visual, auditory, read-write, and kinesthetic. These are only basic types which branch out to subtypes, but for the purpose of these subject they will do.

An amazing fact is that sixty-five percent of us are drawn to visuals – this is the most effective way to pick up information and directly store it in our minds, because other than data, there is also an image we can connect it to. This number is obviously superior to other learner types, which is something you need to take advantage of on your social network accounts.

No Language Barrier

No Language BarrierIn order to address a wider public and thus connect with a diverse audience, you need to have different factors in mind. When it comes to gathering as many followers as possible and expanding your business over the physical borders of your country, it’s necessary to have different languages in your mind.

Images are not connected to one dialect, or a specific area where only one tongue is understood – which is exactly what makes them the most influential type of content you can use. Whether you’re trying to raise awareness about a subject you find important or offer a discount to your customers, it is quite simple to find a way to use symbolism and entwine it into an image without a necessity to use a language.

Popularity of Images

I read somewhere recently that we are re-living the era of silent films. If you’re on Facebook – and it would be very strange if you weren’t – I’m sure you noticed subtitles on all sorts of videos, even those where spokespeople are already using English, which is already used as an international language.

Interestingly enough, this phenomenon occurred because users of internet prefer to use as few senses as possible senses to gather information. Because of this, images in different forms, as well as simple animation, are now far superior than videos and textual content.

Easily Sharable

Although it’s true that music videos and articles take as many steps for you to share them as images do, this isn’t the only factor that users of social networks take into consideration, consciously or not.

So, an average user knows, on some level, that the popularity of their posts on any social platform will also depend on how much time it takes for their circle of friends or followers to perceive them. Time-effectiveness is an important factor in contemporary society and it affects both planes – the personal and professional one.

News, Entertainment and/or Information

Instagram ImagesAnother reason why images are so wildly popular is their ability to convey any sort of data. When you start exploring their possibilities, you will undoubtedly realize that, through an image, you can share any piece of information that comes to your mind.

On Instagram, where images are the main communication medium, promotions of different brands, as well as beauty bloggers are equally successful. It’s very simple to share various discounts and makeup tips according to the latest trend.

Naturally, in order to get through a very diverse audience, it will be necessary for you to master more than the basics of editing. If this isn’t anywhere near your line of business, it’s definitely recommended for you to work with an experienced professional (Photo editing services) in the area. Images which are not created according to standards, or even worse – if they are obviously done by an amateur – will have the opposite effect from the one you want to achieve.

With this in mind, you should definitely invest a part of your company’s workforce into developing this type of advertising. When it comes to personal use, there are all sorts of apps dedicated to editing and embellishing your photos you can use.

However, it’s very important to differentiate these two purposes – a business which uses an editor app won’t be perceived as a professional. So once your image creation process is fully developed, you should consider the first tip mentioned in the introduction – constant activity!


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