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Web Design: Managing Photos and Boosting Your Visuals

Web Design

Having a website that is well optimized, and stands out is something every business person should aspire to achieve. To do this, you will need content with high visual fidelity, because it helps your site’s ranking, it contributes to more positive user experience and a higher conversion rate on the website. In the following article, we will discuss how to use and create quality visual content for your website.

Why visual content is important

VIsual Content Responsive Design Let’s start off by listing the benefits of visual content, and to find out just how important it is in today’s world.

  • Two-thirds or 63% of social media is made up of pictures, and since social networks are an integral part of digital marketing, you should play by their rules.
  • Almost half of the users share content that is in the form of an image, video or a gif by SmartPhotoeditors, and it is in your interest to have your content shared.
  • Content with a relevant feature photo gets 94 percent more views and clicks.
    Tweets with relevant images get significantly more re-tweets.

Visual content is easier to understand when compared to text, so it makes sense that it will be more engaging.

Team page Images

These images are not the type of content that is usually shared, but it does help your website and your social network profiles in gaining more credibility. These photos need to be professional, but you do not need to look too serious in them, a smile and some healing brush Photoshop magic will get you a lot of points. These are the images that represent you and your team members online, and they also need to represent how professional your company is.

Product photos

Considering that you do not have a real life salesman in your online shop unless you are using a live chat tool, the product photo is going to be your best way of winning over customers. The product photo needs to look really good, so use photo editing tools to apply a filter or simply to heighten the contrast between the background and the product. Again it should be in high definition and high resolution, so that customers can open a larger version of the photo when they click on it, to see your products in even greater detail.

Homepage image

Your home page image or the image in the header section should be created to resemble a billboard, and it should be changed whenever it is supposed to stress new and important information. This does not only apply to your website, but the same also goes for the cover photo or header photo on your social network profiles. This helps the user see what your company is all about from the very start and to allows them to receive the latest and most important information on discounts, special sales, new product launches, etc.

Using frames or grid

When you are using photos in general, you should use them in a grid or with some sort of frame. Using naked or raw photos also looks unprofessional, and although it won’t be too big of a deal, it is always better to use more appealing images and to show people you do things differently.


Infographics are another great example of engaging and quality visual content. They are also amazing if you want to make the website more accessible to the small screen users, since infographics do not have as much text as a regular article, yet you can create a bigger font, and use your own typography. Furthermore, infographics are a type of visual content with high information density, so it will come in handy if you want to create tutorials or simply to clarify some more complex topics.

Photo editing tools

For the sake of creating higher quality visual content, you should always rely on photo editing tools. You can use them to improve lighting and add filters, as well as add or take away some of the elements of the photo. There are tools that are easy to use and accessible to everyone, but they do not have as many options and versatility as more complex photo editing software.

If your images need heavy editing, and you cannot simply make them perfect with filters, you should either hire someone who knows photo editing or outsources these services. Even images that are created using graphic design will need this, so photo editing is quite a necessity nowadays.

Icons and buttons

Iocn And Button for Visual ContentYour website will be more engaging and more understandable if you use icons in addition to text. By relying on these elements, you allow foreign users to find their way because this type of expression is universal. So, the buy button should always have a purchase card next to it, if you have games on your site the icon for that section should be a joypad, house for home, etc.

Contrast and typography

Having the right typography is really essential for establishing brand identity and for looking fresh and unique. Just make sure the font you pick or create is easy to read or discern. Also, use contrast in your picture so that the main elements and the text will be more visible. People who see your visual content should immediately identify all of the relevant elements, and the typography you choose and colors you pick have a role to play in that.

Photos for blog

For blog section, you need a lot of relevant images for each post since they boost user engagement, and shares. You cannot create an image for each post you make that would take too much time. Instead, you can buy them online and get the right to use them in your content. You can also check for free images that are public domain, and that can look perfect for the post after you apply minor edits, like frame and filters.

These were some tips for managing visual content. Hopefully, you have learned something new and useful, and you will use that knowledge to improve your website and digital marketing campaign.

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Isabella Foreman (Writer And Editor)

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