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How to Have the Best Safari Photos

Safari Photos

You’ve just spent an amazing time in a dream location. Africa tourism is booming, and it’s not just because it’s one of the most incredible places on earth to take pictures. If you’re looking for your images to truly stand out from the other thousands taken then you’re going to have to do things differently. Making your images stand out isn’t going to happen by just using some one-click app, and if you’ve spent that much money on the trip you’re doing them a disservice by even thinking it. Use some of these tips so that your Africa tourism pictures look amazing.

Get them Edited Right

You wouldn’t trust an amateur to do surgery so why would you trust someone who isn’t a professional to edit your photos? Photo editing services are pretty cheap and especially if you’re planning on selling your images you’ll want them done right. Editing takes time so having someone else do it for you also lets you get back to taking pictures without the stress of having to see if they came out perfect. Not only that, a professional editor often knows tips and tricks that you don’t so they can do more with your image anyway to truly make it amazing.

Try something New

Safari Photos 2There’s thousands of pictures of lions and giraffes out there. It can be tough to find a new angle, especially if you’ve booked Africa tourism as a package deal. It’s important to stay safe but finding a new angle or a new view on an animal or location makes it unique and will make your photos stand out from the thousands of others taken in the same place. A lot of the time you may just have to hope you get lucky by being in the right place at the right time to see something. Be careful when stepping out of the tourist comfort zone as many tribes and cultures do not like photos. Always be respectful and listen to your guides if they tell you no.

Use Good Equipment

Your photos are only as good as your camera and lens. When spending thousands of Africa tourism it only makes sense that you’re taking good equipment with you. If you can’t afford it consider renting and make sure you bring useful extras like a bean bag to rest heavy lenses on and dust cases to prevent them getting damaged. There’s no substitute for quality glass and lenses but at the very least a DSLR and a long zoom lens of some sort will make it clear that the blob between the grasses is a lion. Not only that, but if you’re going to have them properly edited you need a camera that can shoot RAW and not just JPG so the photos are better quality.

Take Extras

Most photographers discard more photos than they keep but they keep taking pictures. You never know when something you thought wouldn’t come out or that was accidental turns out to be the most amazing picture. Taking as many pictures as possible will give you more chances to capture that winning shot. Africa tourism is about once in a lifetime experiences so don’t waste it with shots you “could” have taken. Keep your finger on the trigger whenever you can so that you capture everything and then worry about culling later.

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